The Myths About Massachusetts Mosquito Control

Okay, so there are a lot of crazy myths out there about mosquito control in MA. Whenever you’re sitting out by the campfire and the conversation freezes, somebody is bound to extend some gnomic wisdom on Massachusetts mosquito control — it’s probably the same guy who insisted on getting the fire started. Since some of these myths get pretty out there, we thought we’d highlight a few of them to dispel any poor instruction.


Contrary to popular belief, swimming does not help with Massachusetts mosquito control. Just ask any fisherman who stands in a river for a few hours. This myth might be a byproduct of pop-cultural scenes in movies—the ones where somebody is running from a pack of bees and dives underwater. Covering yourself in mud or getting yourself wet won’t solve anything for mosquito control in MA. Mosquitos are born in water…

Rubbing a lemon on your arm

Lots of foods come up in this conversation. Because chemicals in bug spray deter the pests, a lot of people think odors are key to ma mosquito control. Remember that the insects live outside, among all sorts of odors (including us). Don’t be fooled by an elderly voice of wisdom telling you that rubbing food on your arms and legs will deter mosquitos—they most likely adopted that placebo affect in their generation to suspend their disbelief.

Eating certain foods is great for mosquito control in MA…

Well, this is entirely subjective. One of the beauties of a myth is how difficult it is to disprove. This is one of those myths where comprehensive studies have not yet shed light on. Some foods may cause you to excrete offensive materials to mosquitos, and thus contribute to Massachusetts mosquito control, but we still wouldn’t suggest you rely heavily on it. Just because that pair of blue eyes at the bar hates your spaghetti breath doesn’t mean the mosquitoes will.


Cigars and candles actually DO help. As always, it is arbitrary to your experience. Some people report great results while others report no results at all. Give it a shot, but don’t rely on it. Some mosquitoes in Massachusetts may still be all over you.

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Massachusetts Mosquito Control Runs Parallel With Puddle Control!

All Green Lawn Care – Massachusetts Mosquito Control Runs Parallel With Puddle Control!

Massachusetts Mosquito Control Runs Parallel With Puddle Control & Other Yard Maintenance.

We bet you don’t know this—even though we’ve been preaching it to anybody that will listen. But instead of inserting this wisdom onto other blog posts, we figured it was important enough to mention:  Mosquito control Massachusetts begins with your puddles and bodies of water!

Most mosquitoes that bite you were hatched in areas of water near your home! It’s near impossible to control mosquitoes when they’re buzzing all over the place. Why not attack them when they’re defensless? Remove or drain any pooling areas around your yard.

Break the vicious cycle!

There are over 3,000 species of the annoying pests around the world. One of the reasons they are so successful at surviving is the simplicity of their procreation. If an overturned bottle cap collects water, mosquitoes can breed in it! (That should give you some perspective when embarking on Massachusetts mosquito control).

Don’t let water accumulate anywhere. You shovel the walkway after it snows; make srue you dump out your buckets after it rains. Left out cups or (ironically) bug candles that accumulate water can serve as places for mosquito larvacide to grow! Don’t play host to the bugs you hate the most.

But I love my ponds and birdbaths!

More than you hate mosquito bites? Doubt it.

But don’t worry, you can have your birdbath and be mindful of mosquito control MA. One of the great things about the Bay State is its hospitable climates to fish in the summer months. Minnows and other kinds of fish will eat the mosquito larvae while it is growing. If you own a birdbath, clean the water out at least once every seven days. It’s not much of a bath if the water’s being reused anyways. But only you know your property best. Is there an area behind your shed that puddles after rainfall? Does that garden gnome collect water in his shoe? Dump ‘em out.

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